About Our Company

Multilingual Matters/Channel View Publications Ltd is an independent academic book publisher based in Bristol, UK. We were founded in the early 1980s by the Grover family: Mike and Marjukka, plus their two sons Tommi and Sami, who were young children at the time. Tommi has been Managing Director since 2008, when we sold our journals to focus on our book business, and you can read about the current MM/CVP team on this page.

The first books we published were under the Multilingual Matters imprint and our original aim was to publish positive research on bilingualism, a topic close to the heart of the Grover family, who were bringing up their children in English and Finnish (Marjukka has kindly written a piece about mother tongues on our blog here). Our mission quickly expanded to include publishing in the fields of applied linguistics, literacy education, multicultural education, immigrant language learning and second language acquisition. We strongly believe that multilingualism is a positive for everyone, not just the privileged few. We publish books at the cutting-edge of research on topics ranging from reclaiming, revitalising and decolonising minority languages to contemporary approaches to second, foreign, bilingual and other forms of language education. Everyone has the right to speak the languages that are important to them and our goal is to publish books which promote this, particularly in the case of migrants, minorities and indigenous people.

Sarah, Tommi, Marjukka, Anna and Elinor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the 2000s

Our Channel View Publications imprint published its first books in the early 2000s and has since expanded to include books covering all aspects of tourism studies. In an increasingly mobile world, the importance of quality academic research on tourism and mobility has never been greater and we are proud to publish in this area. Alongside key textbooks and exciting research on a wide range of topics, there are books in our tourism series on themes such as sustainability, ethics and public transport, which are all issues close to our hearts. We travel frequently to conferences around the world and we are conscious of the impact of the decisions we make on the planet and make our best effort to make sustainable decisions in all aspects of our business.

Tommi, Anna, Laura, Flo, Elinor and Sarah celebrating a book publication in July 2018

Across both our Multilingual Matters and Channel View Publications lists, we strive to publish the very best textbooks and research monographs and are proud of our long history of publishing innovative and influential research.Our series editors and authors range from senior professors to dynamic up-and-coming researchers, and include academics working at top tier research institutions, in Indigenous communities, at universities in the Global South, and in classrooms from Australia to Zambia. Our distinctive brand is thus known throughout the world and our books appeal to a forward-thinking, global market. We are renowned not only for our quality publications but also for our professionalism and integrity. Please take a moment to browse our books and read some of the posts on our blog. We hope that you’ll find something of interest!

If you are thinking about publishing with us, you might also be interested to read about what we think makes us a great publisher to work with.